About Us

We are a respected Australian company bringing you the best value in car parts online. We offer unbeatable service making buying from us effortless, enjoyable and secure. All you do is sit back and relax while your parcel is delivered right to your door.

Tuff Car Parts is dedicated to maintaining the best possible customer relationship. With each and every step we take, we look to better ourselves, we offer only the best proven products, and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tuff Car Parts. A TUFF act to follow.

The Tuff Car Parts Guarantee: 

Quality Products Always! 
Our Products are 100% Authentic & Genuine - 100% of the time.

OUR GUARANTEE: Every product offered for sale by Tuff Car Parts is 100% authentic and genuine, and you can rest assured that all product is sourced either directly from the manufacturer, or from approved manufacturer agents. We are able to provide full proof that the products we sell are indeed authentic and genuine and are sourced directly. Further qualification is available via many of the manufacturer web sites listing our reseller status.  

Any customer who has even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of products on any website including ours is encouraged to send an e-mail directly to the manufacturer of said product for verification. We encourage people to do this because we know our product is authentic, that honesty always prevails.  

It's a sad fact that some websites promote inauthentic product, some knowingly and others that may not even realize the product they are representing are reproductions or the like, as they are not purchasing directly from the manufacturer or manufacturer's representative.  So please be safe on the Internet, trust your instincts and ask questions. 

If you would like more information on any of our products or if you have legitimacy concerns, please contact us sales@tuffcarparts.com.au.

Quality Assurance: 

Quality is extremely important with any product or service and as we forge deeper into the new millennium and with it an increasing competition, for any company to succeed quality offerings are paramount.  

Tuff Car Parts (TCP) is not a manufacturer, rather we deal exclusively with third party products and are therefore effectively at the mercy of our suppliers when it comes to quality, reliability and longevity. We accept that most of our suppliers attempt to produce the best quality most viable products available, and we also expect these companies to have employed both quality control and quality assurance processes into their manufacturing base. 

However, having a 100% reliance on others to supply consistent quality brings with it a possibility of failure. Therefore for us to further the cause of what we believe is a uniquely driven aftermarket parts supply business, at TCP we undertake to inspect each and every third party supplied part prior to it being shipped to our loyal customers. It's not that we don't trust suppliers, rather it's a case of us wanting to do our best to ensure our customers receive the best available product; each and every time.


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