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Outlaw 4x4 is backed by one of Australia's most experienced OEM exhaust system manufacturers, HPX Australia (HM Headers)
At Outlaw 4x4 our aim is to provide the customer with the very best product at the very best price. All Outlaw 4x4 products are thoroughly tested for correct fitment, performance and reliability and backed by our nationwide 5 year warranty!
Fabricated out of premium grade stainless steel, all Outlaw 4x4 exhaust systems will last the lifetime of the vehicle, buy smart,
buy once. Designed with maximum gas flow in mind for a particular engine, not all Outlaw 4x4 systems are the same, extensive dynomometer research and testing has led us to the optimum sizing to give you the maximum exhaust flow without compromise. Outlaw 4x4 boast's over 80 exhaust system part numbers and that number is constantly growing.

Outlaw 4x4 offer a huge range of premium quality 409 grade stainless steel exhaust systems which include a high flow turbo dump pipe for maximum turbo response and improved spooling, high flow heavy duty diesel specific catalytic converter, high quality flex bellow / joint for system longevity and minimal NVH, mandrel bent tubing and high flow single muffler with bespoke muffler design.

  • Industry leading 5 Year Nationwide warranty
  • Designed right here in Australia to meet our harsh & rugged conditions! Assembled in Australia from local & imported components.
  • Heavy duty premium 409 grade stainless steel through all piping and mufflers (including internals)
  • Heavy duty flanges and brackets to stand up to the harsh punishment of offroad use
  • Heavy duty stainless steel flex joint / bellow for system longevity & minimal NVH
  • Full mandrel bent design through for least possible restriction
  • Heavy duty diesel specific high flow catalytic converter (don’t be fooled by cheaper non diesel specific cats)
  • Full mandrel bent piping.
  • 2.5" dump pipe off the factory turbo out to 3" down to the cat and the rest of the exhaust.
  • Single Muffler for maximum performance – this will be either at the centre or rear of the car depending on the vehicle.
  • Straight fit to your existing standard turbo outlet or dump pipe off turbo, no modifications or welding required.
  • Bolts up using all of your existing hanging points, no modifications or welding required.
  • Mandrel bent design, optimize exhaust flow and engine performance
  • Improved sound quality, power, torque, performance & fuel efficiency!
  • Great for on road, offroad, touring or even towing applications
  • Supplied complete with required nuts, bolts & gaskets
  • Proven power gain
  • Better sounding
  • Improved fuel economy
  • 409 grade stainless steel piping, mufflers & muffler internals
  • Securely packed & boxed for safe delivery Australia wide!
  • Genuine Outlaw 4x4/HM Headers/Mercury exhaust system, or your money back!

Please note:
2.5" dump pipe off the factory turbo out to 3" down to the cat and the rest of the exhaust.

Due to variance of the dump pipe flanges fitted from factory to these vehicles, the front flange of this system may require die grinding of the holes to slot them to enable correct fitment.

Turbo back exhaust – some vehicles will have a short dump pipe / turbo outlet housing off the turbo. This exhaust will either bolt up to the back of that factory dump pipe or directly to the turbo outlet depending on the application.
Images supplied are for illustrative purposes only and are not specific to the vehicle listed. These are used to show the style and quality of the system.
All Outlaw 4x4 exhausts include: Front Pipe Assembly, Diesel Specific Catalytic Converter, Flex Pipe following on into the rest of the exhaust which features 1 main muffler. Supplied with any required gaskets, nuts & bolts.

Delivery to Street address only, no PO Box.  Due to the size and weight of this item, delivery to PO Box is not possible. Failure to provide a street address and contact number with your order will cause delays.

Outlaw 4x4 Performance exhaust systems

Outlaw 4x4 offer an ever increasing range of premium quality stainless steel exhaust system, currently we stock over 60 different part numbers from early GU Patrol and 80 Series Landcruiser's to current model 2.8ltr Colorado, Prado 150, Isuzu D-max and Mazda BT-50. 

Most of our systems are offered as a 'turbo back' system which include a high flow turbo dump pipe for maximum turbo response, a high flow diesel spec catalytic converter where applicable, a premium quality flex joint for system longevity and minimal N.V.H. and high flow tube and muffler design in either 2-3/4" or 3", with the big boy 200 series Landcruiser boasting dual 2-3/4" into a single 3.5" rear muffler and tail pipe.

All Outlaw 4x4 exhaust systems feature mandrel bent tubing for maximum performance. The main benefit of the mandrel bend is that the tube diameter is maintained throughout the bend, this will maintain the exhaust system's capability to flow exhaust gas away from your turbo/engine without restriction, maximizing the performance increase and giving the engine every chance to respond where and when you demand.

All system built by HPX Australia for Outlaw 4x4 are made in 409 grade stainless steel. We use full stainless steel mufflers so you can be sure that under the skin the muffler is still looking and working like it should. Besides the obvious longevity advantage that stainless steel offers over lesser mild steel or aluminium coated mild steel systems, stainless is tougher and more resilient to knocks and bangs you experience when heading off road, one of the last things you want to find is that your new 3" aluminium coated mild steel exhaust is now 1.5" because of the log or rock you just crawled over, simply; stainless can take the knocks.

We offer a 5 year corrosion warranty on all our stainless steel systems, compare that to the other mild steel offerings and you will see why stainless steel is the obvious choice.

Lastly there is the price, you have all heard the old saying "the quality remains long after the cost is forgotten" and this is undoubtedly true, however at Outlaw 4x4 we think you deserve to have a premium quality stainless steel system at a price the others charge for cheap mild steel! 
As we say, Outlaw 4x4... it’s a crime not to have one!

About Outlaw 4x4

Outlaw 4x4 may seem like the new player in the 4-wheel-drive market but our companies roots are ingrained in Australian automotive history. Our parent company, HPX Australia can trace its beginnings to the late 1960's. HPX Australia, more commonly known as HM headers, is one of the most trusted names in the Australian performance aftermarket because of our commitment to product performance and quality.

HPX Australia's mission is to provide top quality products at the best possible price, with the greatest service to our customers. With over 40 years experience and innovation HPX strives to be the leading performance market supplier in response to every customer’s needs. It is our promise to produce and provide the right product to meet every aspect of its intended application.

Since the days of developing the original Ford Phase 3 GTHO headers the tradition continues to provide outstanding performance, our product designs are original and innovative and we always deliver. 

Today HPX Australia offers a growing portfolio of performance products to meet the demands of the performance enthusiast, including our range of premium stainless steel exhaust systems for your 4 wheel drive, our awesome Diesel Power Module (DPM) and an ever growing range of premium products selected by market demand.


Why choose 409 grade Stainless Steel?
409 Stainless Steel is designed to stretch and flex from the normal tension loads generated by heat stress and engine vibration.
409 Stainless Steel is the best choice for your exhaust.  409 offers the best combination of long life, corrosion resistance and heat cycle endurance. This is proven by the fact that almost all vehicle manufacturers today specify 409 for their factory exhaust systems.

Aluminised Steel vs 409 Stainless Steel. Which is better?

Both aluminised steel and 409 stainless steel are excellent products for automotive exhaust applications. Both offer excellent heat resistance and both can be easily welded. 409 offers more corrosion resistance than aluminised. Aluminised steel is mild steel that has been coated with an aluminum coating. Because the corrosion resistance of aluminised steel is only a coating it can be damaged, but the corrosion resistant properties of 409 stainless are inherent throughout the metal.

304 Stainless Steel vs 409 Stainless Steel. Which is better?
409 is a titanium stabilized ferritic stainless steel which means that it is a steel alloy containing chromium. It contains less nickel and more carbon than 304 stainless steel. Ferritics are best suited for high temperature applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength. The principal use of 409 stainless steel is automotive exhaust systems and most catalytic converter shells are made of 409. More workable and stable than 304, 409 will accept bending and heat cycling better than 304. It resists both atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion. It is magnetic due to its higher carbon content. Through chemical reaction, it oxidizes to a slight brownish hue which aids in corrosion resistance. While it does not polish well, it offers the advantages of higher strength and longer life due to its heat handling qualities. Be sure to ask for 409 Stainless for your exhaust system to get the best combination of both long life, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

If this is stainless steel why is it magnetic?
It is commonly believed that stainless steel is not magnetic. This is true of grades of stainless that have a high content on chromium (such as 304 or 316 stainless steel) but 409 grade stainless steel is magnetic due to its higher carbon content.

I can see a tan or brown on the 409 stainless. Is that rust?
No. Through chemical reaction, 409 sometimes oxidizes to a slight brownish hue this actually aids in corrosion resistance. Under normal operating circumstances 409 will never rust out like mild steel.

For all of the reasons above, 409 is the ONLY choice for your high quality exhaust system!
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