100 Series Toyota Landcruiser Torque Lock LSD Truetrac Alternative Torque Bias

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Torqueline Torque Lock Rear LSD
Suitable for 100 Series Toyota Landcruiser

These differentials use a sophisticated design to provide a quiet, automatic splitting of torque. They perform like an open differential under normal driving conditions, automatically transferring torque to the wheel with better traction when ground conditions warrant.

So why would you want an LSD? Does it suit what you want to achieve with your vehicle? The advantage of the limited-slip differential design is apparent when comparing them to the standard or "open" diff. In vehicles with this older style of diff when one wheel began to slip, the slipping wheel would still receive the majority of the power, whilst the contacting wheel remains stationary with the ground. The torque transmitted was equal at both wheels, and therefore, will not exceed the threshold of torque needed to move the wheel with traction.

This issue is completely removed with the Torqueline Torque Lock LSD, thanks to the proven automatic torque biasing design which makes it the perfect limited slip differential upgrade for any Landcruiser enthusiast that will be using their vehicle for either straight-line drag, circuit, off-road or tough street work - where traction means everything.  As long as both wheels are planted to the ground, then you'll get traction whenever you need it.

Thanks to the Torqueline Torque Lock LSD with its proven helical gear design you can rest assured that you are purchasing an LSD that has eliminated the need for wearable parts, resulting in maintenance free traction recognized not only for its toughness, but its smooth and quiet operation as well. The low cost and effective performance all make the Torqueline limited slip differential the ideal choice for these vehicles.

Widely used as the upgrade of choice for Landcruiser owners looking to improve their vehicle’s traction capabilities.
All Torqueline products have been designed and tested right here in Australia and then manufactured overseas to the highest specifications ensuring quality and reliability.
On arrival into Australia, each unit is hand inspected, stripped, chemically cleaned and re-assembled using high quality Australian fasteners.

Most LSD manufacturers insist that their customers use only costly high-grade premium LSD oil as well as expensive LSD additives to not only maintain the longevity of their products, but to also warrant them. Torqueline took these expensive additional running costs into mind when designing their range of Torque Locks, and through rigorous testing have manufactured their LSDs to happily suit any generic diff oil. This makes the running and servicing costs of a Torque Lock far less when compared to any OEM LSD, KAAZ LSD or virtually any other clutch/cone type LSD. Just another reason Torque Lock remains such a popular LSD brand in Australia.

  • Helical gear driven LSD
  • Smooth & quiet operation
  • No wear and tear
  • Proven design
  • 12 month warranty
  • Never wear out your standard clutch style LSD again!
Fitment Notes:
  • Can be used in the original single spinner or LSD rear diff housing.
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Brand Torqueline
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